New Work

I’m very excited to be posting some of what I’ve been working on lately. You will see more Grand Canyon pieces in the future and Wisconsin and Michigan water scenes. Also in the works, more Yosemite abstracts and landscapes but you won’t see those here for several months.  Continue reading “New Work”

Grand Canyons and Plateaus

I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon several times and have hundreds of photos. A lot of them were taken on our first trip there in misty weather, so I’ve digitally manipulated some of the images for color before using them for fiber art. This piece was inspired by a South Rim walk out to Hermit’s Rest.  Continue reading “Grand Canyons and Plateaus”

Silk and Angelina Fiber

The straight fused piecing I talked about last time is fused and quilted, but not quite finished. After buying silk organza, silk gauze, and silk crepeline, I chose not to use any of them because they took the tones down too far.  I thought the crepeline would work because it is the most transparent (also very expensive!), but it has a distracting sheen that was too much for an overlay on the whole piece. All this silk and what to do with it? Continue reading “Silk and Angelina Fiber”