Bixby Bridge In May

The drive south of Monterey, CA along Highway 1 is a jaw-dropping thrill. My husband and I had only a few hours to explore the area. We hopped in the car without any research of the area or Cabrillo Highway, and Bixby Bridge was a stunning surprise. We had to stop, get out of the car, and just stand there.

The aim of my quilt is to present a slice of colors that stand out on the cliffs, even on a foggy day, and the oddity of the brilliance of the surf below us against the foggy horizon. This piece is just a wispy reminder of what felt like a roller coaster ride that day.

Bixby auto contrast
Bixby Bridge In May, 2013, Textile, 47H x 61W, $3000


West Coast Wonders 2013 –¬†International Quilt Festival, Long Beach


4 thoughts on “Bixby Bridge In May”

    1. Thank you! I did enjoy working with the colors on this one. It will be interesting to see the full exhibit.

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