Brigham City Museum of Art and History’s 2018 International Art Quilt Invitational Exhibition

Bixby Bridge In May, 2013

Bixby Bridge In May, 2013, 47″ x 61″

Bixby Bridge In May, Redwalled Daydream and Sunset At Monterey Bay are now showing in the 46th Annual Invitational Quilt Show at the Brigham City Museum of Art & History (Utah).

Redwalled Daydream, 2016, 32″ x 46″

Sunset At Monterey is on my gallery page, but I’ve never posted about it before. We walked along the shore at Monterey Bay one evening during the same trip we saw Bixby Bridge for the first time. All along the walk in May there are beautiful pink ice plants blooming.

Sunset At Monterey Bay, 2015, 20″ x 21″




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