Drifters is juried into Pictured:  The Nation’s Most Spectacular National Parks, at St. George Art Museum in St. George, Utah! This exhibit, juried by Donna Poulton, Ph.D., runs August 27-December 31, 2016.

Drifters, 24H x 30W, Textile, $1,200

I began work on Death Valley in 2012 with Dante’s View and am still engrossed with information about the area and my old photos from our trip. I will never forget our two day stay there.

Drifters evolved out of the idea that I might not get to see certain parks again and our movement from one park to another on several trips over a period of about 15 years. My husband and I take mostly landscape photos and a few of each other in front of big vistas or special features we come across.

The snapshot I worked with for this piece is one of my husband at Death Valley looking over the valley from Dante’s View. I sketched him out on paper, cut his shape out of several colors that are complementary to the background and cut him up on a 1/4 inch grid. Then I laid these 1/4 inch squares, using every other square, to make him look like a spirit drifting through the space in front of the dunes. Long shadows from the bushes and dunes are drifting throughout the day there, so I added a broken shadow cast by him with the same sized squares. His form is highlighted with Inktense pencils and a paintbrush.

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