Two Days at Kohler-Andrae State Park

One of the reasons I keep working on the Great Lakes pieces is because the colors of the lakes change from grays to various greens and blues. It is a blast to live here and enjoy the state parks along the lakes.

This first piece is around sunrise and the water was glassy. I’ve rarely seen the lake so calm, but I don’t live on the water, so it may be a common occurrence.

Kohler-Andrae Sunrise, 23H x 24W, Textile, $900

The second piece represents a different day and it was very windy. Lots of people go to the beach in the summer. Many like to watch the waves and others go to do some surfing, sailing or paragliding. Wet suits help with the cold lake temperatures.

Windy Day at Kohler Andrae
Windy Day at Kohler-Andrae, 18H x 24W, Textile, $750


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