Dante’s View


I’ve been working with photos from Death Valley for several months and finished this piece a few weeks ago.

Dante’s View, 2014, Textile, 32H x 40W

Dante’s View has been accepted to Landscape At The Edge: Contemporary Views, an all media art exhibition at Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI, April 5 – May 3, 2014.

This was my first venture into raw edge applique with Misty Fuse and I had initially planned to use an organza overlay on the valley floor to add haze from the heat. I drew this out in straight edge fashion as if I were going to stitch it together and then used the pattern pieces to cut the bits of fabric. They are laid edge to edge like puzzle pieces over a very sheer cotton panel and fused on. Devil's golfcourse 2I was listening to the salt crackle here and had that in my mind when I made this quilt. My goal was for the surface to look a little cracked, so I don’t mind at all that some of these raw edges pulled away from each other and little bits of ravelled fabric and fusible web are showing through. ¬†Instead of a large overlay of silk crepeline, I chose to twist some tulle over the valley floor and stitched it down just a little.



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