Lake Superior Highway 61

Of all the pieces I made and showed to friends last year, this one was the favorite.

Lake Superior Highway 61, 2015, Textile, 25H x 32W, Sold
Lake Superior Highway 61, 2015, Textile, 32H x 25W, Sold

It could be the cloudy sky or the deep colors of the lake, but I think for those of us who live around the Great Lakes, it’s because we’ve all seen a day like this along the shore – windy, sunny, and cloudy all at the same time. 

I once went to a Pictured Rocks beach on Lake Michigan and the water was warm and glassy.  After a half hour swim, the wind changed and by the time I got back to shore, the waves were cold and slamming into the sand.

This piece sold and I’m happy it has a new home. I’m sure it won’t be the last of my Great Lakes efforts because there are just so many different ways these lakes present themselves from day to day.

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